Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese Dresses

The lovely dresses my daughters are wearing in the main photo were purchased at Lucy's in Guangzhou, outside of the White Swan. How I wish Guangzhou wasn't a 16 hour plane ride! If it were closer, I would go back and buy my daughters more lovely dresses. If anyone knows where to purchase Chinese dresses here in the United States, please let me know.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here's a recap of my week so far:

1) I was happy to see Barack Obama become sworn in as our 44th president.

2) I finally finished a case-study that took forever to write.

3) Big Sister and I are getting over another round of winter illnesses.

4) Little Sister is healthy for a change!

5) Little Sister is on week 3 of wearing big girl panties and having few accidents.

6) I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined Facebook.

7) The ex is out of work again. (Job #7 lost!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekly Update

Here are the highlights of my week:

-Little Sister did an awesome job wearing her big girl (Elmo) panties all week, with only a few accidents here and there.

-I lost 4 pounds in two weeks, watching what I eat, detoxing, and getting on my treadmill again. (It's been two years!)

-My "To Do" List became much shorter this week.

-The "Ex" and I are having better conversations lately.

-We found our lost library video and returned it.



Natural Child: Any child who is not artificial.
Real Parent: Any parent who is not imaginary.
Your Own Child: Any child who is not someone else's child.
Adopted Child: A natural child, with a real parent, who is all my own.

--- Rita Laws, PhD

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Potty Progress

Yesterday, I sent a note to Little Sister's daycare asking if she could wear big girl panties on Fridays. Her teachers sent me a nice note, telling me that wearing big girl panties only one day a week is too confusing for a child, but if I feel she is ready to wear them, they will happily assist me. Last night, I talked it over with Little Sister, asking her if she would like to wear big girl panties all the time. She jumped up and down, and yelled, "Yes, now!" So, after her bath, she wore them around the house until bedtime. Today, I am sending her to school for the first time in big girl panties. After nearly 8 months of potty training, I think we are ready for this next step. Wish us luck!

PS. Thanks to all who wrote me about ear tubes, and home remedies. I am going to speak with our pediatrician in two weeks. I truly appreciate all of your kind words and good advice. Ashley