Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese Dresses

The lovely dresses my daughters are wearing in the main photo were purchased at Lucy's in Guangzhou, outside of the White Swan. How I wish Guangzhou wasn't a 16 hour plane ride! If it were closer, I would go back and buy my daughters more lovely dresses. If anyone knows where to purchase Chinese dresses here in the United States, please let me know.



delucchi family said...

Fantastic photo, love love the dresses. Next time you go to China, you will have to stock up on them.
Love Jules

The Byrd's Nest said...

I DO love those dresses. Find someone who is going and have them get some for you! They are very expensive to buy here though....I have found.

Jamie and Angela said...

Try ebay, there are lots from sellers in China. You can get them very cheap, and I'm always amazed at how fast the shipping is.

We have the same dress, I wish it still fit her!

Snickerdoodle said...

I have tried ebay, and all the Chinese dress sellers on the net, and have come up totally empty-handed! When I saw your two in matching dresses on your blog header, I gasped! They are gorgeous!!

I hope someone has a source on this side of the world! I even checked the Hong Kong Ebay, and nuthin' honey!

Snick :)

AK Mom said...

There's at least one shop in Chicago's Chinatown that sells dresses for children. We should take the girls when the weather gets warmer.

Jeff and Amy said...

Very beautiful dresses indeed on two very adorable little girls.

Anonymous said...

You and me both!

Snickerdoodle said...

Found em!!!!
I asked on RQ and got the answer fast!! Now I'm off to order some!!

Snick :)

ED Blogger said...

Hello Ashley,

I somehow stumbled upon your blog and I may be of help :)

I am with Elite Dresses and we sell really pretty chinese dresses for little girls (for very affordable prices) Please feel free to visit our online store and see if you'll love something :)

I hope we could be of help :)