Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week 1 of my new job

I went back to work this week full-time after taking a three-year break to stay at home with my children. Aside from missing my girls, I am enjoying the job so far. My position is a Literacy Intervention Specialist for grades six through eight in a very diverse school district. We have over 54 spoken languages here. I love the diversity! It is so nice to see beautiful, colorful faces in the hallway. More later...


Jeff and Amy said...

Glad your adusting, it definately makes it a little easier leaving them when you have a job you like. WOW 54 languages sounds like a very exciting job.

Michelle said...

I had to get caught up...not much time for computers this summer. I'm glad your job is going well. How are the girls adjusting?

They are so beautiful.